Diversity at Bishop Ireton

Our Catholic faith cherishes the sacred dignity of every human being as a true representation of God's love and  creation. Bishop Ireton High School values the contributions of all school community members and strives to  ensure that people of diverse backgrounds are welcomed, acknowledged, respected and supported. We strive  for academic excellence rooted in Catholic social justice teaching, with a shared sense of belonging and the  understanding that cultural and racial diversity enriches the quality of our learning, faith, scholarship, service and  leadership.  

Diversity Council

The Diversity Council is an advisory group that works in collaboration with all Bishop Ireton stakeholders to drive  a culture that fights racial and social injustice. The Council works to build a community of action by recommending  programming, identifying tools, developing opportunities and proposing initiatives for change so that all students can thrive in a safe, inclusive and equitable school environment.

Council Objectives

1. Recommend educational content and programming for students, faculty, and staff to increase awareness  of diversity and equity within the context of Catholic Social Justice teaching 

2. Identify potential roadblocks to diversity, equity and inclusion in admissions, hiring, instruction, discipline,  physical environment, and professional development 

3. Provide feedback on implementation of multicultural programming  

Specifically, the Council works to: 
  • Examine the current climate of diversity through review of existing quantitative and qualitative data;
  • Propose and support initiatives that strengthen multicultural and racial diversity in student life, faculty  and staff enrichment, and admissions within the context of Catholic Social Justice teaching; and
  • Cultivate an environment in which all members of the community feel valued, welcomed and  embraced. 

Director of Diversity

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Milton Powell

    Milton Powell 

    Advancement Services and Database Manager, Director of Diversity.
  • Photo of Gabrielle Baniqued

    Gabrielle Baniqued 

    Computer Science Teacher & Diversity Initiative Assistant

Diversity Council Members

  • Kathleen McNutt Chair, Head of School, Alumnae, Parent of Alumni
  • Milton Powell Administrator, Director of Diversity 
  • Tim Guy Principal
  • Fr. Noah Morey Chaplain, Director Campus Ministry
  • Jon Pressimone Assistant Principal of Student Life
  • Agnieszka Snyder Director of Special Services
  • Gabrielle Baniqued Faculty, Diversity Initiative Assistant 
  • Deacon Albert Anderson Community Faith Leader
  • Deputy Todd Stubblefield Alexandria Sheriff Liason
  • Dwayne Bryant Director of Athletics
  • Lori Whitley Assistant Dean of Students
  • Rebecca Vaccaro Faculty, Alumnae
  • Rosie Prohias Driscoll Faculty
  • Jane Hannon, Faculty, Board of Governors
  • Diana McGhie Parent of Alumni
  • Ward Foley Alumni, Parent
  • McKenna Hayden '24, Student
  • Ellie Viana '24, Student
  • Caitlin Stedt '25, Student
  • Yunika Suwandhi '25, Student